apple_ipad_2iPads at Verizon. It was inevitable as Verizon holds a substantial share of the cell market and the iPad, with its 3G data plan option, is the first step in increasing its market share versus AT&T.

Also, what I find most interesting is, in order to use the iPad on Verizon’s network, you will have to use an external connection device. In my estimation, this will be a tiny barrier for a Verzion customer clamoring to get an iPad. Although already successful, this is a brilliant move (again) on Apple’s part to get the iPad on another carrier. But perhaps more important, it is surely foreshadowing of things to come –  The iPhone on Verizon.

The media have been talking about this eventuality for months. With the iPad soon to be available at Verizon, it seems like a Verizon iPhone is within reach…of Android users.

Android was a nice attempt at an iPhone replacement – especially since it was on a competing carrier. The problem is no matter how you dress the Droid up, it is still not an iPhone. It’s strangely funny, but there are a great many Droid users that I know that say they have an Android phone in an almost apologetic way. As if to say, “I know it is not an iPhone, but since I am on Verizon and I did not want to break my contract, I had to get this phone instead.”

Guess what Android users, it does not look like you will have to “apologize” for very much longer. And guess what, Droid may do a lot of things but it does not do iPhone.

Is the iPhone a better phone?  Honestly, I do not know, but I would like to think it is because at the end of the day, I believe that the iPhone (and Apple, for that matter) is a reflection of who I am. And all the iPhone users who have suffered with AT&T for more than three years believe that the iPhone is a reflection of who they are. This is the power of iPhone and Apple brand.

Android is a device. There is little emotional connection to it and, what there is, is almost shame-like for many people. The iPhone is a brand. A brand that people will buy even if they have dropped calls. A brand people will buy even if you have to have a special case so you do not short out the antenna, and a brand that will most certainly steal substantial market share from the Android once it is on Verizon.

Want to see the true power of the iPhone brand? Wait until it hits the shelves of Verizon.