Taco bell has released a new Waffle Taco breakfast menu item and, before you gag, think of this. It fits Taco Bell’s quirky bill, matching nicely alongside counterparts such as the Doritos Loco Taco and commercials that play up the Live Mas theme.

The hurdle for Taco Bell, however, will not be menu items. In fact, when considering the availability of breakfast burritos at competitive chains, who in the market has more permission then Taco Bell to sell anything wrapped in a burrito?

waffle-taco-604cs051713The hurdle for Taco Bell is breakfast itself, a day part Taco Bell may not have permission to play.

Breakfast is a market that is increasingly getting more and more players because it offers an additional profit center. Many big names, most recently Wendy’s, have tried their hand at breakfast only to find entry difficult because their brand doesn’t speak breakfast.

Watch the fast food market for a matter of weeks and there will be new items coming and going. McDonald’s does this best with its McRib and Shamrock Shake. New items are a nice way to get a bump in sales but leave them on the menu too long and sales drop once the sense of new wears off. This is the reason McDonald’s pulls its special menu items before consumers have a chance to get tired of them.

Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco is interesting enough for it to create that bump. But Taco Bell should only consider it a way to buy time. In the meantime, it should create messaging that builds its breakfast brand so that, when the Waffle Taco buzz drops off, there is a loyal Taco Bell breakfast consumer remaining.