If you’re a fan of the ABC show, “Modern Family,” you’re familiar with Sofia Vergara, the hot mama married to the family patriarch. If so, then you may have noticed the new Diet Pepsi ad featuring her.

If you’re anybody else, you didn’t.

That’s because the campaign demonstrates exactly why the beverage industry is stuck in park with nobody shifting into drive to take even a few market share points. This is a spot that does absolutely nothing new.

The thrust of the ad is this: Sofia tries to work her way through a Miami nightclub, chasing an elusive can of Diet Pepsi – but is thwarted throughout by men trying to impress her. The idea is that she is more enamored of the soda than of the men around her.

Hmm. Haven’t we seen this before, especially with men being more impressed with Bud Light or Miller Lite or Coors Light than what’s going on around him?

What’s new here? Vergara’s style, dancing and personality are certainly attractive (just ask our creative director), but it’s another forgettable spot among the many ads Pepsi and its competitors have spent millions of dollars on to produce and air.

Let’s be basic here: The first rule of stealing market share is that you must be different than your competitors. (There are other rules, such as being more meaningful, but that’s another story.) The blending of ads and their messages have become just a whole lotta noise because no one can distinguish one from the other.

It’s nice that the song in the spot is “Whatever Lola Wants” and it has a clever line from Vergara at the end – “I’ve been looking for you all night.”

But I’m just looking for something different. And I’m still looking.