What’s going on in universities and colleges.  As the commencement speeches wrap up and the latest university grads make their way into the real world, it is worth a moment to reflect on the world of higher education.

Universities and collegesThe press has been full of articles questioning the financial value of a higher education today, not because having a degree is important in finding a decent job, but because it may not simply be an investment with a viable ROI.

Universities and colleges need to try harder

To that end, more and more universities and colleges are discovering how important it is to view their offerings as a real business and not an ivory tower. Marketing their value to prospective students is an important endeavor for university administrations these days. They must attract the top students and find a way to differentiate its particular university offering from the myriad of choices.

Stealing Share took a hard look at these marketing messages and just posted a detailed study that includes private, public, and for-profit colleges and universities. How are they doing? Check out our report card here and see for yourself.