In the world of fast food, the recent battles have been over expanding into other day parts. For years, for example, there were only a few that offered breakfast, but you now see traditional burger places like Wendy’s taking a crack at it, Taco Bell is even testing it and the rest of the market is advertising breakfast more than any other meal.

Now, McDonalds, the market leader, is taking advantage of another day part: Late night. And we’re talking very late night, from midnight to 4 am.

mcdonalds-clock-billboard-small-25409-468x262Many McDonalds remain open 24 hours a day, but the fast food giant will add breakfast items during that four-hour window to go along with its most popular lunch and dinner items, such as the Quarter Pounder.

The QSR giant said the menu additions are a response to Millennials who like to eat what they want when they want it.

This is an important point, because in the age of technology with any choice of music, video or whatever available to you at any time, the world has switched from providers having control to consumers demanding it.

That’s a key understanding. The challenge for anyone wanting to steal market share is responding to that belief by giving consumers the control they feel is expected.