Shirley Temple was a genre unto herself. There was no classifying her. She wasn’t just a child star or a musical performer. That would be dismissive. There was nobody like her.

She basically saved Fox Studios and was America’s smiling hope during the Depression. She was even the subject of a Salvador Dali painting. Nobody was more popular during the 30’s.

Shirley TempleShirley Temple

Now, I wasn’t born during her heyday but I know how my parents talked about her in fond, happy tones. I do remember watching her as a child and being delighted.

Shirley Temple died late yesterday at the age of 85, and I think it’s important to note her passing. When the important people of our culture and history leave us, there is something that is always lost.

It marks a milestone and the surprising thing, compared to today’s child stars, is that her film stardom was only but a small portion of her life. She was appointed as a representative to the UN and served as Ambassador to Ghana as well as Czechoslovakia.

Godspeed, Shirley Temple. You were loved.