My gut reaction to yesterday’s unveiling of the new iPhones: Meh.

The fingerprint technology for the iPhone 5S is interesting and the phone looks great. I understand the business angle of the 5C, although it makes little brand sense. Owning a 5C is simply not all that aspirational.

What bothers me is this insistence of having new versions of the same iPhones. That is, having a 5S says there will be a 6. Therefore, I’ll just wait for the iPhone 6 because the 5S is, by definition, just an interim step after the 5.

IPhones_1378835442015_886108_ver1.0_640_480Can iPhones be new with the addition of a single letter?

When I bought the iPhone 3S years ago, I was excited. Then, when the iPhone 4 hit only a little later, I felt cheated. Why didn’t I just wait for the new generation of iPhone instead of just a new version of the same phone? I swore to never do that again.

Technology, especially in the smart phone world, improves at a rapid pace. The joke that once you buy a new technology it’s suddenly outdated is almost true.

From a brand perspective, the variations of the same iPhones feel temporary. Just because you slap a letter on it doesn’t mean it’s better than the previous version. This is not the new generation of the iPhone.

Apple is doing this because it needs something new to sell, and the 5C will be directed at customers in China as well as showcasing the bright colors for attracting those who cannot afford the higher price tag of the iPhone 5.

I get it. But I’ll just wait for the iPhone 6.