I’m not the biggest baseball fan as my friends and family can attest. I find it kind of boring, although there are friends around me who keep up and make it a point to watch the World Series every year.

But the sport is on my mind today as Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee superstar Ryan Braun 65 games for using banned substances. It comes off the heels of two years of denials from Braun that were particularly nasty.

ryan_braun_suspended_2013_07-22What galls me about this is that the players themselves – or, at least, the ones who use banned substances – are directly to blame for the reason why we rarely trust a player who says they don’t use them.

We’ve been lied to too many times.

There was the constant barrage of denials from Lance Armstrong when it came to doping at the Tour de France. There is currently Yankee Alex Rodriguez lying for the second time and facing a lifetime ban.

Then there is Braun. When the allegations first came out, Braun was Roger Clemens-like in his denials. He blasted everyone around him, including the people who administered the test. Like Armstrong, he tried to ruin reputations to cover up his lie.

Because of the constant lying (often cloaked in self-righteousness), my distrust grows. As a sports fan, I hope everyone is clean. I feel especially bad for those who are clean and still achieve. But too many times there are those who claim they don’t dope, then it’s discovered that they did.

My real anger is directed at the Armstrongs and Brauns of the world, who attempt to destroy lives to keep their secret hidden. The next time an athletes claims he (or she) is the victim of a witch hunt, I’ll know right away he’s guilty.