For those of you in places like New York City and other large markets, the agreement finally reached between CBS and Time Warner Cable means you can begin ignoring that station once again.

Oh, I know CBS is number one among the major networks, but television offers so many options anymore that a network like CBS doesn’t have the clout it once did.

How do I know? The figures for cable networks (with AMC’s Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead winning Sunday nights) are proof as well as the rising impact of the Netflixes of the world.

Even more than that, the clout truly resides in the New York City offices of the National Football League. It is no coincidence that the two companies came to an agreement over broadcasting rights on the week the NFL seasons begins. In fact, the NFL is main reason the major networks and cable systems are even relevant.

photo-1-6Think of it this way. For many of us who want to disconnect from cable TV, the only thing keeping us from pulling the plug is live sports. And no live sport is bigger than the NFL.

If the dispute had continued into the football season, viewers would have rioted in front of the Time Warner Cable offices and the advertisers for CBS would have ran off the ship like lemmings.

The point is that once the NFL follows the lead of the NBA and Major League Baseball, and goes directly to the consumer for its content, there will be no point in these CBS/Time Warner Cable-like feuds.