Target Corporation keeps head firmly in sand

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 January 2017

Target is retail’s Jacksonville Jaguars

So, Target Corporation decides the best way to rebound after disappointing sales (where have we heard that before?) is replacing the outgoing chief marketing officer by promoting from WITHIN.

Boy, that’s should lead to some out of the box thinking.

“So, let’s replace the head coach with a three-year losing record by promoting the offensive line coach. That should totally revolutionize things!”


Target CorporationThe retail industry, as I’ve said many times, is under siege. Yet, retailers react by doing the same thing over and over again. Trying to drive traffic through sales. Offer online deals that do little to combat Amazon. When a complete overhaul of everything they have thought before is what’s needed.

So, let’s replace the head coach with a three-year losing record by promoting the offensive line coach. That should totally revolutionize things! (Sorry, Jaguar fans.)

This comes on the heels of Target Corporation announcing a drop in same-store sales over the holiday, a trend also dooming JC Penney, Macys, Kohls and Best Buy, among others.

And retailers wonder why they are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the buying public.

Guess they just don’t want new thinking.

Target Corporation failing to capture a new position

Target Corporation released one mot bot of information that hints at a recovery. Stealing Share wrote a retail study some months ago where, among other things, we concluded that each retailer must find something unique to own to survive. Retailers find themselves in this current pit because they are generalists, trying to be everything to everybody. (Which means you are just for nobody.)

Target contends it is targeting (no pun intended) parents by including Cat & Jack apparel and PIllowfort furnishings in its lineup. It’s also becoming the official retailer for US Youth Soccer.

The parent-child space in retail is crowded on its own. But a complete shift in thinking at least points to owning something. The problem, I’m sure, considering Target promoted from within instead of looking outside the industry, is that Target won’t go all the way. It won’t make its brand about that audience and, instead, will just offer sales on those items and put them in front of the store.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

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