We often tell our clients that human beings seek meaning and, if you do not give it to them, they will make it up. That idea has never been so real to me as it has been today while the “news” continues to rattle around stories of the swine flu.

Now, I’m not saying that it might not mutate into a global catastrophe (though I’m betting it won’t), but I am saying that there is no new news about it.

spain-flu-cp-6620141-wide swine flu

That does not change the fact that CNN’s Headline recycles swine flu stories every 10 minutes. In between the “big story,” there are additional stories about how the flu has affected tweets and bloggers.

Enough already. If I have to eavesdrop on one more conversation filled with exaggeration, feigned concern and imaginary factoids, I think I will develop true stomach distress. The mainstream media may say they are just reporting the news, but the over-saturation of it means we are the ones who put the perspective (meaning) into it.

All this goes to show is how much news is hungered for today. Too bad we never hear news and instead are subjected to the echo chambers that pass for the “news.” No wonder the news media is becoming increasingly irrelevant.