Spotify steps over iTunes Radio and Pandora

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

13 December 2014

Spotify will eventually outclass them all

The streaming radio music provider, Spotify, has just one-upped the competition in a major way.

This week, Spotify CEO Daniel Elk announced that it would begin offering unlimited streaming of all its music (only if played on shuffle) on mobile devices that support IOS, Google or Android apps.

“With the decision to give content for free, Spotify has opened the door to millions of potential users.”

iTunes Radio

Spotify’s new plan is a far cry better than the options that iTunes Radio, Pandora and MOG have on the table. These streaming music alternatives do offer artist-based searches. However, the songs played are mostly similar artists that have been randomized by the company.

iTunesWhat’s great, for music lovers like myself, is if I had a hankering for say, Van Morrison, I can select him as a musical category on Spotify. Spotify will stream and shuffle all of his albums for free, for as long as I wish to listen. I could listen to Van all day long, no joke.

With the decision to give content for free, Spotify has opened the door to millions of potential users. Anyone can log in and basically listen to what they want. And more than likely, once users fall in love with the interface, they’ll opt for the $10 a month plan that gives free reign over the app.

Big thumbs up to you Spotify. My ears are pleased.

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