The so-called experts in the smartphone wars are saying that the carriers will try to attract the competition’s customers in 2014 rather than just growing the market for smartphones.

Welcome to the 21st century, guys.

imagesIn the time when smartphones have become the norm, most carriers have simply grown the market by promoting the benefits of a smart phone. For those other than the market leader, that is always a losing strategy. When you simply promote the market benefits, the market leaders become the default choices.

That’s what has happened here. AT&T and Verizon account for 70% of the smartphone market. That’s a huge number. The rest of them, including T-Mobile, are left scrambling for scraps. That’s also why the smaller, regional carriers are basically dead and T-Mobile is reduced to offering to pay termination fees for those that switch.


My point is that, even if your market is immature, you should always be stealing market share from the competition. If you don’t, and take the easy way out (marketing market benefits), you will find yourself paying potential customers to join your side.