The SmartTV interface makes TVs look dumb

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 December 2014

The Smart TV is doomed

I’ve had a TV that’s been connected to the Internet for about five years. It’s in my bedroom, probably because it’s my least favorite TV in my family’s household.

When we bought it, I was sold on it’s ability to do two things — provide me with apps, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and provide me with the capability to download additional widgets. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was what the marketplace now calls a Smart TV.

I thought that having everything in one simple location would make things better. My family cut the cord on cable and we embraced apps. Doing this was infinitely cheaper and just as satisfying.

But then something happened — I grew to detest the Smart TV interface.

There are better ways than this.

There are better ways than this.

I am a techie — guilty as charged. I’ve looked at the best Smart TV options at Best Buy and they all feel the same: clunky and not really intuitive.

Soon enough, I bought an Apple TV because none of the built-in Smart TV apps worked intelligently. What a relief — my apps were updated, I had a variety of options, and the experience was fun.

The gist of all this is quite simple. TV set manufacturers should simply worry about perfecting the TV. The jack of all trades doesn’t work here. I remember the demise of 3D TVs all too well.

Companies like Roku, Google, Apple and Amazon can greatly enhance your viewing experience. It would behoove TV manufacturers to keep that in mind and quit playing around with what they haven’t been able to perfect.

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