Sheep are the stars of a new advertising campaign. Not that it’s unusual for companies to use animals to peddle products. Geckos and Geico come to mind.

What’s curious is the company that has decided to embark on menagerie marketing.


The new commercials urge consumers to “ditch from the herd“ by showing a sheep-costume clad person standing up and walking away from the rest of the animals.

Next, a hoof slams down a bottle of Corona Light.

corona sheepSheep?

The new spots are a drastic break from the unique, easily identifiable, and nicely positioned “Find your beach” theme that characterized the Corona brand for years.

The switch makes no sense.

In fact, I use Corona as an example of a brand that has done a terrific job separating itself from the competition. “Find your beach” evokes an emotion. It takes consumers to a warm, relaxing place, away from the busy party-time nights that other beers promote.

Most beer marketing mostly consists of a poorly crafted punch line with a product shot at the end.

Sadly, Corona has joined that herd.