Sears dying is not news anymore

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

11 September 2009

Sears is in REAL trouble.  Brand is the cause.

An article crossed my desk just a bit ago about how it is too late to save SEARS, and this is supposed to be news.  We have been writing about the impending doom for years here at Stealing Share.

the sears brandHowever, we beg to differ with the current conventional wisdom that the problem is that no one with retail experience is running the company.  The problem has and will remain a brand problem.  Sears does not understand its brand and until they do their market will continue to erode.

If the answer was to be found in the conventional retailers, then it should be easy for sears to grab an executive from one of the successful franchises.  But who is successful today beyond Walmart?  Maybe conventional wisdom IS the problem with retailing.

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