This is not to be interpreted as a political diatribe, but the recent misspelling gaffe on Mitt Romney’s iPhone app has me slapping my head in disbelief.

If you had not heard, Romney’s team recently created an app with different campaign slogans delivered to conjure action and enthusiasm with Romney supporters. These slogans are well designed because they enable users to take a picture of themselves with their iPhone and place the slogan over their picture, making themselves a part of political advertising. It’s a good idea.

Some of these slogans include: “I stand with Mitt”, “Obama isn’t working” and “American Greatness.”

This is all fine and dandy and in good political fun, but what about the slogan, “A better Amercia”? Yep, that’s no mistake – Amercia. Even as I write this current blog on the iPad, the text is emboldened with red misspelling notifications. It’s America. Good grief!

How does a mistake like this even happen?

An error like this is painfully embarrassing, especially In a critical time of focus for each party and the dire need for each to solidify improvements with their weakened political brands.

The tweeting world is abuzz, a new Tumblr page is already alive and saluting Amercia. I imagine the SNL skits will be following soon.

It’s such a shame too. Mistakes do happen, but some are more visible than others – and can re-inforce negative associations with that brand. What our country needs now is vision, not spelling errors on the first-grade level.