Political parties have brands. Countries have brands. So does Congress. If I were in government today, I would be worried about my brand in a big way.

If the idea of governance is to facilitate compromise so that legislation and government work, we are in deep trouble.

shut-down-rallyNeither political party is exempt from this criticism. I believe that mainstream Republican and Democrat lawmakers want to see the US government work. After all, they were elected to do so. The problem lies in Tea Party representatives who are willing to pull the temple pillars down on themselves rather than compromise on any ideology. I don’t believe either mainstream party wants to see this happen. But it IS happening and the brand of government is suffering as a result.

If the Dems and Repubs don’t get it together and move forward, they risk permanent damage to the US Governmental brand. Such damage will mean more and more voters will stay home on Election Day because they will have better things to do than vote. Everyone will stay home except the fanatics who cling to ideology over compromise.

Oh, they will turn up all right. Not in greater numbers but as a greater percent of the voting public. Then what will we do? I think we will fall on so many swords that, as a nation, we will bleed to death.

Many years ago someone asked Will Rogers what he expected if Franklin Roosevelt was elected President. Will said, “Well, if he gets elected and the White House catches fire and burns to the ground, we will all say, ‘At least he got something started’.”