Paula Deen is in trouble. She admitted to making racially charged comments during a court hearing and that admission got her fired from The Food Channel.

It was the right call because the brand of Paula Deen no longer has permission to be in that shiny of a spotlight.

paula-deen2_custom-0b30419dbbe077460d439775b6a773a8fdd8c906-s6-c30However, I do know she will eventually return. Tiger Woods was heckled on the course shortly after his martial scandal broke, but now he plays to nothing but cheers. Dog the Bounty Hunter was booted from his show for his racially charged comment, yet his show returned to the air and – even when it was eventually canceled – he’s getting a new show coming up on another network. Rush Limbaugh was Public Enemy Number One after his Sandra Fluke comments, but things seem to be back in order for him as well.

In each case, the brand permission of the celebrity was revoked. But as John Huston’s character, Noah Cross, says in the classic film, Chinatown: “Politicians, ugly buildings and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.”

There will be some rebranding in order for Paula Deen as there were for some of the others. (Tiger’s was about “redemption.”) But it seems we all forget at some point, so don’t be surprised to see Deen on the air once again.