The Biggest Challenge for Business today

By Tom Dougherty

Navigating Currents and Harnessing Energies in the Market flux

Biggest challenge for business today is in understanding who they are
What confounds business today?

The biggest challenge for business in thinking about the economic environment in which business takes place – is our static world-view, of a relatively still stage, peopled with businesses and people and products. One of the ways we can sometimes overcome this orientation is to imagine dynamic spaces based on the fluid world of oceans and rivers.

Here is one of the more useful ways of thinking about the economic environment that your business is MOVING in. One of the most useful ways of looking at businesses, governments, and people is as magnetized submarines floating in our common Socio flux (for business purposes, think Market flux). Every individual or organization can be regarded as a submarine, each with its own size, weight, shape, trajectory, and velocity, moving in a fluid current made up of preexisting laws, regulations, rules, traditions and patterns of activity and behavior. (Read about our behavior modeling here).

The New Reality

In this fluid reality, the environment already contains energy. This means that individuals and organizations do not have to depend entirely upon their own motive power for motion in the Market flux. In the Market flux, individuals and organizations that best harness the motive power that is already inherent in the flux, are able to be more successful, and remain successful for longer periods of time, than those individuals and organizations that depend exclusively upon their own propulsive power.

To navigate the Market flux successfully, individuals and organizations need to be able to ‘read’ the trajectories of other individuals and organizations. This enables us to choose the individuals (prospects) or organizations (partners) that are strategically best suited for docking with, pulling toward our own trajectory with their velocity. (Read our comprehensive model for business success here)

Finding The Right Path

However, how do we know which trajectories are friendly, and which might be unfriendly to our own trajectories? First, we must know our own trajectory. Then we must be able to identify the trajectories of individuals in the Market flux. Its positive and negative poles determine the trajectory of every individual or organizational ‘submarine’. Every individual or organization is already flowing in this Market flux with positive and negative magnetic charges.

Positive charges are the nose end of the submarine, and negative charges are its tail end. The kinds of positive charges at the nose of the submarine determine the direction that the submarine is moving toward. The kinds of negative charges at its tail determine the direction that the submarine is moving away from. Positive charges are the submarine’s aspirations and desires. Negative charges are its fears and aversions. (Read about brand anthropology here).

Where We Are Standing

So here are we all, both individuals and organizations, flowing down the Market flux of time, each with a unique trajectory determined by its positive and negative poles of aspirations and desires, and fears and aspirations respectively. The trajectory of each individual is determined by the composite of the direction it is moving away from, and the direction it is moving toward. Now every individual and organization has to work with the resources it has.

This is why harnessing the trajectories of other individuals or organizations are so useful. It is a means of getting more resources without really having to ‘pay’ for it. Every business is an organization, and every prospect, customer or client is an individual (or other organization in the case of B2B businesses). To be successful in the Market flux, each business has to maximize its utilization of the trajectories of its prospective customers, clients and partners, and make sure that its size and mass (weight), its shape (drag), and velocity (momentum) doesn’t neutralize the benefit it is getting from exploiting the trajectory and velocity of its customers, clients, or partners.

The REAL Business of Success

Therefore, the business’ brand strategy and execution are about identifying its own trajectory, and those of its customers, clients and partners, and taking measures to harness the latter optimally. In addition, the degree of success will be determined by the skill with which one navigates through the Market flux.

Product strategy and development are therefore central to the implementation of brand strategy. The performance of product, and the interaction performance of the business’ communications, sales people, customer care people, billing people, credit control people, collections people, all must be trained and refined to synch with the expectations aroused by the brand strategy. As the company that discovered and is mapping out the Market flux, we are best suited to help you navigate your business, and harness its inherent energies to speed your business toward success.


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