New Breed Case Study Increasing Logistics Market Share

Logistics Case Study

By Tom Dougherty

New Breed Background

New Breed Case Study Logo

New Breed is a leading provider of supply chain network solutions, offering world-class capabilities in facility implementation, physical distribution, information services, and supply chain management. For more than 30 years, they have helped their clients succeed by achieving strategic supply chain-related business objectives. The New Breed model is very attractive to clients, leading them to continued investment in New Breed solutions.

Being in an extremely competitive market space, New Breed came to Stealing Share for help in identifying a position that they could own in the market space. One that separated and differentiated them from the myriad of competitors.

New Breed Case StudyThe Old Brand Promise

The brand promise was a generic, category benefit that identified the brand as delivering timely and dependable logistics in a cost effective manner. It was a claim based upon the table stakes in the logistics category. It described the reason all 3PLs claim as its focus and business value.

The Stealing Share Process

Our behavior model identified some important trends and beliefs that needed to be verified in the market research. One of these would change the face of all viable third party logistics providers (3-PLs). (Read our brand process here)

It was also discovered the the CEO level executive values “finding opportunity in change” as his single greatest concern. These findings, among many others, were infused into the New Breed brand. This rebranding of New breed is a perfect example of how a powerful rebranding does not have to include a new logotype.


The Work

The following is the body copy from the new series of ads.

New Breed Case Study“Supply chain management is such a common business tool that its uncommon potential is easily overlooked. We design and operate supply chain solutions for a new breed of company that recognizes supply chain management as a strategic weapon. New Breed’s expertise, technology and physical infrastructure help you harness the power in your distribution system and find the opportunities in a changing marketplace — propelling your business to new levels. Call 1.800.4.NEW.BREED or visit today and let us show you how powerful a weapon your supply chain can be.”




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