You can often read the signs when a downtrodden brand is getting desperate. In the case of Kmart, it’s a new offer for the members of its loyalty program, Shop Your Way.

On the face of it, the option of customers being able to reserve items online and pick them up at the store (or pay for them at the store) is a reasonable offer for a mass retailer to have.

Kmart behind the times againKmart behind the times is business as usual

However, the offer won’t steal market share because most retailers already offer this to customers but don’t make a big deal about it. That’s because, if you order online, why wouldn’t you just pay for it while you’re online and have it delivered to your house?

My point: This may have been meaningful 10 years ago, but it’s an afterthought now. It’s like saying your office is now equipped with fax machines. Okaay. They might come in handy, but they’re not all that crucial in the age of email.

Shop Your Way is really a misnomer. Shoppers are already shopping their way: Not at Kmart. Kmart behind the times once again.