Have you heard the latest radio sponsorship from Office Depot? I noticed it the other day on NPR and the voice over went something like this: ”Office Depot now sells postage stamps.”

Now I have written before about the terrible category of office supply stores and how I can never remember which one I shopped in because of the similarity of offering, similarity of layout, and similarity in color palate. All this is bad enough. But what on Earth is going on when your lead message is that you now sell postage stamps?

This feels a lot like an automobile dealership in an age of internal combustion engines advertising the latest steam engine as a way to entice would-be car buyers into their showrooms. All that, considering that the US Postal Service is cutting back on delivery days and culling the number of post offices as a cost saving measure in a shrinking market.


If I am going to shop at Office Depot as apposed to Staples or whomever, I need a compelling reason to choose and that reason ALWAYS starts with an understanding of the shopper. An aspirational promise as to who I am when I choose that brand and supported by offerings makes all the difference.


I guess that is too much to ask. So why not just sell stamps.