LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals, is paying $90 million to acquire the media portal Pulse. This is a sign of their appreciation of its own brand. Other brands should take notice.

Pulse will allow LinkedIn users to “consume content and where publishers come to share their content. Millions of professionals are already starting their day there to glean professional insights and knowledge they need to make them great at their jobs.”

linkedinSocial Networks for business.

Both companies have the same purpose: bringing professionals together. As brands, they are a perfect match. As businesses, they are great compliments to each other.

Pulse gives users an additional reason to increase their interaction with LinkedIn while not sacrificing the equity of “professional” that the brand brand has established. Moreover, as their businesses compliment each other, each becomes more important and has the ability to become more relevant in the lives of its users.

Friendster and Myspace show just how networking sites can quickly become irrelevant. LinkedIn is unlikely to share that fate.