Being at the top is a lonely place because most of us love an underdog. Google is going to face much of the same future as Facebook or Apple — wins are looked at as failures and, in a secret way, everyone wants it to stumble a bit. It reinforces our own insecurities and we feel elevated by the pratfalls of the gifted.

Google has its challenges. More than 80 percent of our web traffic comes through that search engine. Today, Google cracks the whip, updates its secret formula for placement and everyone scrambles to comply.

googleGoogle on a slippery slope

But Google, don’t think we don’t notice that your first-page listings are now dominated by paid ad placement and articles rather than business sites. Are your search engines deliberately making search terms more imprecise so that businesses are willing to pay $8 a click?

It does not matter, even if you are king, if that’s true or not. Just that it’s believed. You heard it here first. Bing will soon be a real challenge to Google because no one feels comfortable with so much power in the hands of one despot.