iPhone 6 proves Apples brand moxy

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 September 2014

The iPhone 6 proves the Apple brand is stronger than ever

The demand for the iPhone 6 reverses the Apple brand trend.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Does any other line work better when you think on Apple?

Could it be any better for the Apple iPhone 6 brand now?

Could it be any better for the Apple brand now?

Unless you’re living on Mars, you’ve heard all about the new iPhones (the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus) and the upcoming iWatch. Turns out, Apple has struck pay dirt with the new phone models. As of now, 10 million have already been sold.

Just think about that one sec. Ten million. That’s about two million more phones then all of the population of New York City. All of which have been sold in the course of a week and a half.

That’s just incredible.

Hearkening back to Michael Corleone’s seminal line from The Godfather Part III, Apple, more than ever, understands what consumers want even if they don’t know it yet. Surely, the iPhone 5s was a cool, and was just different enough to make me want it. But this time, the 6 models are fresh and smooth, bigger and bolder and represent a step forward.

Here’s the rub: I don’t even own an iPhone 6 yet (mine is being shipped this week) nor have I even held one — it’s all what I perceive about the product (and the brand). That’s just the power of Apple’s brand (read about brand as a marketing tool here) that says you think different (even if Apple is mainstream now) and is a powerful reflection of consumers like you and me.

So to the skeptics out there who thought Apple was losing it’s hold. Think again. Or better yet, Think different.

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