Burger King, which recently dropped to third behind McDonalds and Wendy’s in market share, unveiled french fries that have 30% less calories than regular fries.

Will anybody care? The truth is that anyone who goes through a drive-thru is already making the concession that what they’re going to eat will not be all that healthy.

Still, Burger King is calling this a game-changer. I’m not convinced.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 2.29.30 PMMost fast food menus have salads and even fruit. Anyone who would be seeking out a salad or some fruit is more likely to seek it elsewhere. Those items have been a positive because they give customers permission to go the fast food restaurant, even if the healthy stuff is not what they actually order. So, the fries do have some benefits for BK.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was Burger King. Some say it will be the game-changer as long as the fries taste good. After all, isn’t BK’s themeline, “Taste is King”? (King. Get it? Get it? Taste is King.)

Therein lies the problem. Taste is a table stake. You think those who eat regularly at McDonald’s think what they eat there sucks but still keep going?

The only way this becomes a game-changer is if Burger King’s brand reflects the reason why the low-calorie fries are emotionally important. They’re nice to have, why Burger King?

Because “Taste is King” isn’t it.