One of the most ludicrous marketing positions taken in recent years is Coors claiming the brand position of “cold.” It’s ludicrous for many reasons: It’s not claimable because, for it represent a true choice, other beers would have to claim to be “warm,” and it is the drinker who makes it cold, not Coors.

Beer market study coors banquet beerThat’s why I got so much pleasure out of a recent Heineken print ad that mocks the Coors position, especially the Coors tactic of its cans changing color when they become cold.

You know, so you can tell.

Looking at the larger picture, taking on a competitor so directly is not a position in itself, but it can be effective and is especially meaningful if it fits within the context of your brand.

In this case, the tone is exactly right for Heineken. It’s not over the top as many beer brands would do it. Most importantly, it fits into Heineken’s “open your world” brand. While that brand themeline is about experience, it also suggests thinking beyond the status quo. Not just taking what “they” give you.

In this case, it’s the common sense of seeing right through Coors’ silly position and cold can tactic because your eyes (world) are open.

Kudos, Heineken.