Samsung and Google are doing their best to steal market share from Apple but, as usual, it won’t work.

Google has set its sites on Apple’s voice recognition (Siri) and command software called Siri. Google’s version is being touted in the news as the Siri-Killer.

When will these tech companies finally get it?

Apple Brand SIRIThe value of Apple’s brand is defined by what it means to their consumers. Witness the company’s release of the iPhone 5: While the phone was only mildly better than its predecessor, it is selling faster than any other iPhone to date.

Being the first to taste what Apple is serving is both sweet and special. Nobody’s brand is as rich.

In fact, Apple’s brand is so strong that even if Google is offering a better voice recognition service, or if the Samsung Galaxy allows you to magically bump phones and share playlists, it doesn’t matter. At least not now. These are not game-changing tactics. While such technological innovations deserve praise, the expectation of a sea change is delusional.

Google’s attempt to perfect voice commands is admirable, but it will not prompt Apple users to jump ship, and it won’t help steal market share. Ultimately, Google is offering a variation of what is already a table stake.

Until alternative brands like Samsung and Google are infused with a deeper meaning, the tactics of one-upping Apple will only lead to an empty harvest.