You know the commercial.

Halfway through the GEICO commercial, one nerdy musician says to the other, “You know, Ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to GEICO sure are happy.”

And the other asks, “How happy are they, Jimmy?”

Well, I wasn’t happy.

Flying home from a stopover in Newark on Monday, I heard a murmur rising in the airport about bombs going off at the Boston Marathon. On my iPad, the first hit when I googled the news was an ABC news link. When I clicked on the video feed, GEICO blocked me out of the new feed until its inane commercial ran its course. So I had to watch all the stupid banter under the context of a gut-wrenching headline banner.

s-ABC-NEWS-IPAD-largeHere’s what’s strange. I didn’t blame ABC at the time for this affront. My anger was all aimed at GEICO. Its idiotic banter was inappropriate at the time and its message was trite in the crucible of context.

Still, online news services need to grow up. Their broadcast buddies learned long ago to suspend much of the commercial time to bring important and breaking news to interested viewers. Online? Not so much.