It is never an easy decision, and I fully understand union employees rejecting an offer, but what has just happened with the Boston Globe is tragic.

This is a perfect example of our own inability as humans to see issues objectively. We all get in our own way and, as a result, we are often incapable of making the changes that ensure success. Instead, we look at things as the way we wish they were instead of how they really are. The computer giant Dell can’t seem to do it. Starbucks can’t seem to do it and now, it seems, neither can the Boston Globe.

Boston globe1026

Newspapers have lost their way because they no longer seem vital to the lives of people (see my earlier blog on this). Instead of realizing this, the union represents the only group in America that believes newspapers are still important.

I’m not saying newspapers should not be important, or that they are not important. I am merely saying Americans believe they are not important. At the end of the day, belief is all that matters and truth’s got nothin’ to do with it.