Firestone’s new brand promise is so good and so compelling that everyone in every category should take notice. They found the highest intensity and claimed it.

“While we don’t make cars, Firestone is a car company,” is a stroke of branding genius. From an inside perspective, it takes a lot of brass to position yourself against your own product, but that is just what they has done. It recognized that no one buys tires because of the enjoyment of the rubber. Customers buy tires as a necessity, while their emotional attachment is to a bigger idea: cars.

Firestone brandSo watch this category carefully. You heard it here first.

Firestone will steal market share from competitors

They who will scramble to play second best to the company that’s seized upon the highest emotional intensity. It’s promise is simply more emotional than Michelin’s “you have a lot more riding on your tires.”

The message instantly makes the brand more important and more preferred than those of its competitors.

Kudos, Firestone. A brand that gets it.