Imagine your surprise the first time you pull up to any of one of your favorite fast food chains and find calories listed with each item.

That happened to me at Chick-fil-a recently, prompting the question: Do calories matter?

Yes, they do.

I planned to order a spicy chicken sandwich meal – 920 calories – but left with an eight-count nugget meal, which came in at only 700 calories. I switched my order to save 220 calories.

Fast Food Chain Calories

Slapping calorie counts on menus was not the decision of the fast food chains. The initiative is part of the national health care bill that requires restaurants with 20 or more locations include calorie counts on their menus. McDonald’s was the first to comply in November.

subMcDonalds-articleLarge fast foodWe shall see if this honest approach creates positive change for the business of fast food restaurants. I’m not optimistic.

Consider Hardee’s Monster Thickburger: The burger alone contains 1,300 calories. Add a soda and fries, and the meal soars to 2,030 calories, putting a new spin on term indulgent.

My prediction: Publishing calories won’t be good for the fast food chain business.