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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 February 2015

Facebook product ads are coming

Get ready, Facebook friends. Big Brother is about to be in your face in greater force than ever. Facebook has announced it will show product ads to users that allow brands to show off multiple offerings and, in some cases, their entire inventory.

Now, before you think these Facebook product ads will overwhelm you and you will start thinking about a different social network, Facebook says the ads will be targeted to specific users.

Yes, that means Facebook will be using your personal data to decide which ads are more meaningful to you than to the rest of the world. Show an appreciation of cross-country skiing? Get ready for some ads from places like REI.

What your Facebook timeline will look like soon.

What your Facebook timeline will look like soon.

While this sounds like too much control from the home office, it’s actually the way of the world. Already, as most of you have probably noticed, you get ads on the Internet based on sites you just visited. Checked out a hotel in Sao Paulo, but didn’t book? It’s not out of the ordinary for ads of those hotels to pop up on other sites you visit.

Already, big data is the driving force for most media placement. We are targeted each day with messages that are based on our own lifestyle, usage and online presence. There will be a point where someone goes too far (think NSA), but we’ve already gone past the point of no return.

For brands, the use of big data is important because it gives the reality to the idea that your brands must be a true reflection of your customer. While most brands still get that wrong (their messages are usually about the product or brand, not the target audience), this science is a tangible way for brands to be more effective in reflecting the customer.

Now, for this to truly work, whether on Facebook or not, brands must reflection the aspiration of the target audience, not just the nuts and bolts of their products. When that happens, the brands will be able to take full advantage with these Facebook product ads.

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