Whither the government shutdown. On one hand, you have the Republicans dug in for what they believe is a larger calling against Obamacare. On the other, you have Democrats dug in for what they believe is a larger calling for Obamacare.

130919132640-01-government-shutdown-1995-horizontal-galleryWithout getting into the politics of it, what does this mean for the brands of both parties, Congress as a whole and even the President himself? What does it say about today’s government?

Let’s start with Congress. As most of us know, we don’t think too highly of it. Recent polls show that Congress has a minuscule 10% approval rating. NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd rightly said that the 10% probably represents our representatives and senators’ inner group, friends and family.

The Democrats probably come out best, but they have still bungled the message and are seen as part of the problem, hence the 10% overall rating for Congress.

The Republicans come off as stubborn dividers rather than those who can unite, fighting for a cause that seems important only if you agree with them.

And the President, who hung his legacy on Obamacare, is stuck with a health insurance plan no one understands.

How will all this play out from a brand perspective? Most of it depends on how long this shutdown lasts. But the brands of those who dedicate their lives to public service at the highest level have already lost their brand luster. This is simply a culmination of what’s been brewing for years.

We have reached the bottom. I don’t have to tell you that, if a deal isn’t struck soon, the brands of all those involved will be tarnished for years. And that’s a shame.