There is a simple fact about technology. It always moves forward. When Steve Jobs introduced the concept of the iPod and iTunes, Sony – the company best positioned to develop them because of its huge music inventory – thought Jobs was insane and declined his offer.

When Apple introduced the MacBook Air without a disk drive, he said it wouldn’t be missed. Everything would be digital.

He was right.

Even microsoftThose stories came back to me when I read that Steven Guggenheimer, coined Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist, said the desktop computer is unlikely to completely go away.

Now, Guggenheimer did note that even Microsoft has been de-emphasizing the desktop but that it will always be needed when working with spreadsheets and the like.


Change is a difficult concept to accept for most of us, and most of us never foresaw the technological explosion we’ve seen in recent years. (Do you realize it’s only been a little over 10 years since the first iPod appeared?)

My feeling is that Guggenheimer and even Microsoft do sense that the desktop will eventually go away as it’s becoming representative of a bygone era.

They are just having trouble accepting it.