The Dodge Dart ads are just the butt of a joke

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 August 2014

Dodge Dart ads miss the point

Dodge has started a new ad campaign with Craig Robinson from The Office and Jake Johnson from New Girl. The ads are a mini comedy sketch, if you can even call it comedy, about Craig not letting Jake touch his Dart.

Simply put, the ad is not persuasive, lacks a point of view and is not funny. Granted, I am not the target audience but I do not understand what Dodge thinks it is trying to accomplish with these ads. It gives the viewer no reason to purchase the car.

Dodge DartIs Dodge hoping young adults will plop down $17K to be in on a bad joke? Because Dodge and most other auto manufacturers lack a resonate brand that consumers can embrace beyond just a single model, they force themselves to create a “brand” for every model in their lineups – an inefficient and costly proposition.

Most importantly, they must give consumers a reason to choose the model instead of the brand and this Dodge ad fails at even that.

If you want to be funny, that’s fine. But at least make an attempt at being persuasive. More importantly, invest in your brand, not your model. If you can do that, marketing everything else becomes easier and gives you the flexibility to actually do more and be more creative in the ad execution because you have an established solid foundation.

Dodge should want consumers to covet the Dodge Dart, not use it as a butt of a joke.

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