Who does DirecTV want me to be?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 March 2015

DirecTV, Now I don’t know which Rob Lowe I am

DirecTV gives you a choice of who you want to be.

DirecTV gives you a choice of who you want to be – or do they?

Below is the full transcript of a conversation one of my associates had with DirectTV. To get you up to speed read an earlier blog here I wrote about it.

xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:Hi, my name isxxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx). How are you today?
xxxxxx xxxxx:Fine, you?
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx)DIRECTV:I’m in most content and I’m glad that you are too xxxxxx! Thank you so much!
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:I hope your 2015 is dong great so far. How can I help you on your account?
xxxxxx xxxxx:So a couple of things. My bill went up in September and again in January. Why?
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:I take care of my bills too and I understand how you feel about seeing a higher bill than expected. We can take a look into that for you right now to  see what’s going on xxxxxx. Rest assured that you got my full assistance today.
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx)DIRECTV:I have the account now xxxxxx. Can you spare me time to check your account if you wouldn’t mind?
xxxxxx xxxxx:sure
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:Thank you so much!
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:I do appreciate you working with me on this. Thanks for the wait xxxxxx.
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:As I checked the bill from September you are paying around $180, the difference came from the price change  we have effective this month. That would be $5  for your base package and $.50 for your equipment fees. Aside from that nothing has been changed on your account. We have disseminate notifications with the bill starting December.
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:We have done this the last few years, since our programming costs keeps changing. But we’re proud to keep our increases to a minimum and still offer competitive prices at a great value.
xxxxxx xxxxx:Well, you removed the autobill discount, the discount for premium channels, and the advanced receiver credit as well.
xxxxxx xxxxx:I get the feeling that DirectTV does not care about their customers after two years
xxxxxx xxxxx:and since I am no longer “under contract” with you, I would be free to go find another provider that can provide me the same if not better service at a much discounted rate
xxxxxx xxxxx:It feels as though that once the two years are up you revert back to “normal” pricing, whatever that may be in hopes that the customer does not notice
xxxxxx xxxxx:I get your “explanation” about why there was a difference between the base package and fees. But that does not explain why you penalize customers that stay with you longer  than two years
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:Thank you so much for sharing your honest perception on this matter xxxxxx. But be assured that this is not the feeling we would want you to have.
xxxxxx xxxxx:I bet not, but it is, in fact the feeling I do have
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:We know you have a choice when it comes to programming providers, and we must work hard to earn your loyalty xxxxxx.
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:As I have checked here on the account those discounts are indeed good for 24 months thus if you look for options and ask assistance from us to lower the bill we could have done something to help you.
xxxxxx xxxxx:I love canned responses…that too makes me feel so important
xxxxxx xxxxx:Why should I have to “ask” for assistance? I dont get that. You should be rewarding me for loyalty
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:Im sorry if you felt that way xxxxxx, we cant track all accounts from here and we are always here to assist you when you need to as well and US customers should also track our bills. But I do get your point and we do appreciate your stay with us. be assured that we also offer existing customers different types of promotions to show our appreciation.  
xxxxxx xxxxx:okay…..
xxxxxx xxxxx:and that would be…..
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:There’s only one thing I have in mind now xxxxxx. I plan to let you speak to our Account Specialist that handles competitive offers so you would not go through any hassle of switching. By that you can smartly weigh your options,
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:While the are reachable over the phone, I want it to be convenient for you reaching them. I will give you a pin and a direct phone line so you will get an immediate assistance, if that helps?
xxxxxx xxxxx:Sure…I cant wait to post this transcript to my blog…
xxxxxxxx x. (ID xxxxxxxxxx) DIRECTV:As your time permits xxxxxx, you may call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx between 8:00 AM and 1:00 AM daily. When the system asks for a PIN, enter xxxx (this PIN is good for five days). Rest assured that my partners will take care of your bill and look for options that suits your needs.

So I said in my previous post that DirecTV was onto something with its attempt to position the brand as a reflection of its customers. The ads are a little aspirational, a little tongue and cheek and challenging. They challenge the consumer not to be like the “other” Rob Lowe, but to be like him – the cool, casual, everyman Rob Lowe.

The only problem is that I don’t think their position is at all reflective of their opinion of the customer. Read the transcript and tell me if this is a conversation designed for the everyman Rob Lowe or the “Meathead” or “Overly Paranoid” or “Creepy ” Rob Lowe.

I know this is not the fault of the person in the chat. They are following a script that is set by someone a quite a few pay grades above them. This script is supposed to calm the customer down and get them to some sort of resolution. She followed the script well and admirably did her job. The problem is that her script and DirecTV’s view of the customer is wrong.

The reality is the brand they are trying to project is much different than the brand they are really practicing. The Rob Lowe they portray is appreciated and rewarded for choosing DirecTV. The Rob Lowe They portray, has too much to do than shop around for the best deal every two years. The realtiy is more like paranoid Rob Lowe, always looking over your shoulder at your bill to see when and how DirecTV was going to increase your bill and give you noting new. I have to tell you, my associate loved DirecTV, and had nothing but good things to say about it. His first remark was, well they really are no different than Time Warner Cable. Shame on you DirecTV, you almost had it right.

I’ll make sure my associate calls the number and see what happens and let you know. My guess is they will come up with any number of reasons DirecTV is the best value or something, but its clear they really think of their customers like “Meathead” Rob Lowe..Yo!


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