There are many fascinating things about consumer behavior and their effect on brand preference. One of the most interesting is how quickly tides can shift and how the apple of a consumer’s eye quickly becomes rotten.

Netflix. Do customers love you

The most recent example of this is Facebook. Sure, there are still legions of loyal followers, but, since the first whiff of negativity from its IPO, we’ve seen a constant barrage about its long-term viability, usership on the decline, lawsuits, negative press, you name it. The same happened with Netflix when it attempted Qwikster. Almost overnight, the angry mobs grabbed their pitchforks, where just a few days earlier they would have sung Netflix’s praises. Yes, consumers love you when your hot, but is cold comfort.

Facebook. Do customers love you?

Customers are emotional. They are human. This is why, when rebranding companies, we find the highest emotional intensity in the market. The higher the intensity, the more willing a consumer is to switch to you and the more loyal your current customers become. Never take for granted decisions that your customers will remain loyal if your brand is not aligned with that intensity. Loyalty is created by consistent and intense brand meaning. If you are not consistent, the intensity you have built will come crashing down. If your brand strays, so too will the customer.

So take heed brands. Make your decisions wisely and, above all, respect the power of an emotionally intensive brand. The decisions you make have a great effect on it.