Chevy VoltMotor Trend has named Chevy Volt the “Car of the Year” for 2011, even though the car is not available yet. I cant’ help but think about how useless these industry rags have become over the years. Does the Addy Awards for best TV commercial actually mean the commercial worked (i.e.., grew sales)? Not hardly. It represents represents self-congratulatory hyperbole.

Chevy Volt or PT Cruiser?

A look at some of the recent winners brings up such long-lasting blockbuster models as Ford Thunderbird (2002) and Chrysler’s PT Cruiser (2001).

imagesIt all makes is sound like Motor Trend is simply industry fodder, rather than a perspective of what may actually be most meaningful to consumers.

Just something to think about the next time you read about industry awards. They don’t mean lick.

Just ask the three folks who bought the now discontinued Chrysler PT Cruiser.