The dependable and durable brand of Bose

I like to consider myself as a bit of an audiophile. Realize, I am not here to suggest that I know every little thing about sound products. Nope, I am not that steeped in it. Rather, I am more curious about the subject, if anything. I’ll read up on new aural technology and, every so often, when my curiosity becomes strong enough, I’ll buy something. I wonder, too, if I had all the money in the world, what type of audio products I would buy. A $20,000 Volti Audio Vittora speaker system would be nice, but this guy won’t ever be able to afford that. I can dream at least.

There are more expensive audio brands out there, but few beat the dependability of Bose.

Here’s the thing. While my curiosity in sound products is broad in its scope, my purchasing is finely tuned in my price range. In fact, it hinges on a singular brand: Bose. Like I said, I am not an audio snob. I get it, to the finely tuned ear, there are other products that blow Bose out of the water. But for the masses, and a normal guy like me, the Bose brand rules the roost.

There’s good reason for the brand’s success. Bose is dependable. Its speakers sound really great. And there is something really cool about such small speakers knocking out such powerful and room-shaking, awesome sound.

In my own home, I have several Bose products – which I have had for years – that maintain their integrity to this day. Just tonight, I wore my noise cancelling headphones and was pleasantly pleased, as I always am when I use them. And this evening, I’ll fall asleep to music quietly resonating from Wave radio. It’s divine.

You can always rely on Bose

Years ago, I read a book entitled, Winning is an Attitude. The book followed a year in the life of now retired Temple Owl basketball coach, John Chaney. Chaney is one of my heroes. In it, Chaney shared an idea about his expectations as a coach. To paraphrase: “When I press the number five on a cash register, I expect a five to be displayed.” Sure this is a quote was about his players, but it applies to the dependability of Bose as well.

Over the years, when I press a number on the Bose register, the number I have metaphorically pressed is always displayed. And I mean always. My anticipations are always met, and better than that, exceeded. That’s a great place for a brand to reside, and it’s also why any of the Bose-based audio that I own isn’t leaving my side, and ears, anytime soon.