Apple Watch marketing to women

The biggest news in the tech world right now, aside from possibly the Tesla home batteries, is the release of the Apple Watch. Being an Apple guy through and through, any news about the company is intriguing to me.

But you probably knew that already.

I’ve written countless blogs about the Apple brand, as well as several blogs about the Apple Watch. Most recently, I discussed the watchbands that Apple is selling and how the company is, wisely, thinking fashion forward. Yet, I want to take that fashion forward marketing a step further and expose some of the real genius behind the Apple brand.

The Apple Watch marketing targets women too.

The Apple Watch marketing is also targeting women.
The Apple Watch marketing is also targeting women.

Most days when I commute to work, I listen to bits of the TWIT podcast. This week’s TWIT, which stands for This Week in Tech, primarily focused on the host of the show, Leo Laporte, receiving his new Apple Watch and how his guests were still waiting on theirs. Most of the banter, as I expected, centered around Leo not being a huge Apple guy so he was still skeptical about the necessity of the Apple Watch.

Then one brilliant point was made by the female guest, Christina Warren: The Apple Watch is the only smart watch that has been created with women in mind too.

Think about it, what other smart watch company has even considered women when designing watches?

I’ll give you the short answer: none.

Apple puts the “smart” in its smart watches.

Of all the other smart watch companies in existence, aside from maybe Pebble, Apple consciously included designs that would appeal to both sexes and much of the Apple Watch marketing has been targeted to women. Warren said she had already ordered a female-friendly watch with an additional leather strap. Moreover, she commented several times about how excited she was to get her watch.

While all smart watches are still seeking their niche, one thing has become vividly apparent to me. Apple will be the company that finds that niche. Reason being: It has kept all doors open, while its competitors have shut half of theirs already by opting to design bulky, male-centric technology.

Today is Apple Watch Day

Today is Apple Watch day as Apple provides more detail this afternoon (ET) on its newest invention.

As I wrote earlier, the first stages of its rollout campaign have focused on fashion with an appearance in Self as well as a 12-page spread in Vogue.

I made the point that, in today’s tech world, the only reason you’d wear a watch is for fashion. Keeping time or any other function a watch may have can be done on many other devices, including your phone. Fashion is the only reason left to wear a watch.

Here are your choices.
Here are your choices.

Because Apple is rolling out three variations of the watch, each has their own brand face (the self-reflection of customers when they use the brand). There’s the Apple Watch Sport for those into exercising, hiking or any other physical activity. There’s the Apple Watch Edition, which is the luxury version. The more utilitarian of them is the regular Apple Watch made from stainless steel.

What’s interesting is that there are also six types of wristbands, which also relate to fashion. One of them is even a magnetic leather band you see teenagers wear.

All of this is smart and people have long underestimated the desire for crowds to own Apple devices. The iPhone was supposed to be a bust. So was the iPad. (A big iPhone many suggested when the iPad was first unveiled.)

What will be interesting is how Apple unveils its watches today and through its mainstream advertising. The Apple Sport seems like a no-brainer (expect lots of exercising imagery, especially outdoors). But it has never done a luxury brand in terms of high fashion before.

My guess is that Apple will get it right. Like its other devices when they were first introduced, Apple has shown a canny ability to answer the main question: “Why do I need one?”

Pebble Steel made me a believer in wearable technology

What’s the deal with smart watches?

Up until now, I didn’t get it. I thought the brains behind the world’s biggest tech companies were out of ideas.

As I am curious to find answers to my questions, I wanted to find a reason to believe in smart watches.

Digging around and reading reviews and articles about different watches, I soon found myself enamored with one: Pebble Steel.

I appreciate the Pebble company. It began with a groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign (raking in over 10 million dollars). It’s not a powerhouse brand like Apple, Samsung or Motorola, which made it shine all the more for me.

The right message for the right market.
The right message for the right market.

In fact, Pebble feels magically homespun to me in the way Apple’s birth does. I like that it was rooted with a visionary who sampled a concept he believed in until it was perfected.  Before Pebble became too big, I wanted to be a part of its history.

I had to own one. And now I do.

Pebble Steel, the second incarnation of the company’s smart watch, is a true joy. Its elegant interface makes my connectivity to the world a breeze. It has pleasantly useful notification and fitness apps too. I couldn’t be happier. Its theme of “Pebble. Uncomplicated.” hits right tone and message. Most of us see technology as too complex, when we really yearn for simplicity. (Simplicity is part of what has made Apple such a brand giant.)

Did I find the response to my smart watch skepticism? I think so.

What did I learn? I want to be one of those people that is part of a revolution before it becomes a revolution.

I can do that with Pebble.