In a sea of uniformity, is different

I was in my family room recently watching a basketball game when I got a text from my wife saying, “Forgive me, but I have to check out” In a matter of a minute, I got another text saying, “Damn, I have to enter an email address, but go to YouTube and watch their commercial.”

So I did. I crinkled my brow, laughed a bit and marveled in the sheer simplistic singularity of it.

Farmers is a dating site for “Farmers, ranchers and country folks.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 10.07.41 AMIf you have never heard of, there are probably two good reasons for it – they have no budget and it’s not for you. It is the latter that makes all the difference.

We say all the time how important it is for brands to be single-minded and to take a stand in saying who they are for and who they are not. I have to tell you, seeing its ad and site, seems to be doing the right thing from a positioning perspective. I doubt it has hit an emotionally intensive message, but its position is at least single-minded that is leaps and bounds ahead of the vast majority of businesses today.

Kudos to you, work on your message and you could really have something.