Well, this can’t be good for beer brands. Recent rules loosening the restrictions on advertising for hard liquor spirits on TV means the Jagermeisters and Wild Turkeys of world are about to invade your TV set.

As reported here by Ad Age, the TV networks are allowing liquor advertising, especially during late night, and brands are responding by upping their advertising ante.

What’s frightening to the beer industry isn’t just that new competitors are invading what has traditionally been its space. It’s that, as Stealing Share detailed here in a recent beer market study, hard liquor and wine have been eating into the beer market’s share recently at a pretty alarming rate – before the restrictions were loosened.

As we detailed in the study, there are several reasons why beer has painted itself into a corner, including similar messaging. In my mind, the beer brands have also cut their brands so many which ways that their umbrella brands have lost any meaning.

In addition, liquors have often been better at establishing meaningful and distinct brands. If you say “Jack Daniels,” an immediate image comes to mind. Same with Wild Turkey or Jim Beam.

Compare that with, what comes to mind when you say “Miller?”