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The Stealing Share Podcast

The brand podcast for those who actually run brands. The focus of the Stealing Share Podcast to make your brand preferred.

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Stealing Share brand podcast

Hosted by Stealing Share President and CEO Tom Dougherty, listeners and viewers are led through brief insights into making that happen. Episode topics include how market research should uncover more than just usage and attitudes, when is the best time to consider a brand relaunch and how your current situation dictates the evolution of your brand. Join one of the most renown strategists in the world to better operate your brand.

Tom has been practicing the art of branding for more than 25 years, having led efforts for many brands, including IKEA, Lexus and Tide. He is also frequently quoted for his insights in such publications as Forbes, CNN Money and Fox Business, and is a frequent blogger and speaker.

There is only one brand podcast that goes beyond theory and offers actual practices in the art of stealing share. Listen and you will think differently about brand.

Episode 1: Research Principles


Episode 2: Brand Relaunch


Episode 3: The Enemy of Success



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