BMW is the ultimate branding machine

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 January 2012

Few do brand better than BMW

Even though it seemed to be shown far too often over the weekend, there was no doubt that the smartest commercial that ran during the NFL playoffs over the weekend was by BMW.

In case you haven’t seen it, don’t worry. You will. It introduces the types of cars we drive: a sports car, an SUV, a hybrid and a luxury sedan. Each introduction says, “We don’t make a (type of car).”

The spot ends with the narration saying, “We make (pause) the ultimate driving machine.”

It is, of course, a brand ad and it demonstrates that BMW gets it. It’s not selling cars. It’s selling a brand.

Brand is about who your customer is. BMW gets that.

If only other brands would get that. The mistake many make is in thinking they are selling product, when that’s not what we all buy. If it was about product and product benefits, then why isn’t the universally accepted “best” the market leader in any category?

We don’t buy the best laundry detergent because we don’t have the time to closely test each brand until we have our own personal winner. Instead, as most of you know, we choose because the brand is an aspirational reflection of who we believe we are or want to be.

The best brands in the world understand they are only selling brand. Apple does not talk about its iPad in terms of technology. Nike does not talk about its shoes in terms of how they are built.

BMW even went a step further, by saying what you buy isn’t even a car, which is dead on the money. When you are part of the BMW brand, you are buying a BMW, the ultimate driving machine.

The BMW spot especially shines because automakers are among the worst when it comes to brand. What does a Ford truck stand for that’s any different than one from Dodge?

Kudos to BMW. They get it.

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