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Even Microsoft has a hard time seeing the future

There is a simple fact about technology. It always moves forward. When Steve Jobs introduced the concept of the iPod and iTunes, Sony – the company best positioned to develop them because of its huge music inventory – thought Jobs was insane and declined his offer.

When Apple introduced the MacBook Air without a disk drive, he said it wouldn’t be missed. Everything would be digital.

He was right.

9266372107_72bf929785_cThose stories came back to me when I read that Steven Guggenheimer, coined Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist, said the desktop computer is unlikely to completely go away.

Now, Guggenheimer did note that Microsoft has been de-emphasizing the desktop but that it will always be needed when working with spreadsheets and the like.


Change is a difficult concept to accept for most of us, and most of us never foresaw the technological explosion we’ve seen in recent years. (Do you realize it’s only been a little over 10 years since the first iPod appeared?)

My feeling is that Guggenheimer and Microsoft do sense that the desktop will eventually go away as it’s becoming representative of a bygone era.

They are just having trouble accepting it.



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