Research in Motion really wanted a name change. It’s just a shame it decided to go with Blackberry. Can you take Blackberry seriously?

Once home to the coolest smartphone on the planet — the Blackberry — RIM has been annihilated by the competition in recent years. Blackberry phones have become technologically obsolete and the “Lucy” in the evolution of smartphones.

Blackberry seriously imagesBlackberry seriously?

This out-of-date thinking has been reflected in the stock market too, where RIM shares have tanked. This doesn’t bode well for its attempt to play catch-up by introducing new, technologically savvy smartphones.

I get why RIM wanted a new identity. But changing its name to Blackberry is what it should have avoided most.

Blackberry is a name people associate with outdated technology. It doesn’t hold nostalgic value, but represents clunky in the era of the sleek iPhone and Android.

The Blackberry name is simply an albatross. If RIM (or, now, Blackberry) ever wants to be taken seriously again, the name Blackberry should be tossed to the curb.