The Blackberry brand is actively looking for a buyer. And if it is lucky enough to find one, going private might be just what that brand needs.

The Blackberry brand is in a difficult position. The clout its brand once had has been replaced by the image of follower, not even a fast follower. Bad press and poor financial reports are routine. Its in bad shape and the spotlight of being a publicly traded company is not helping.

blackberry brand The Blackberry brand itself

When it comes to creating a brand, companies must either rebrand to change the perceived image already existing in the market or create a new brand where no brand equity or image currently exists. The buyer of Blackberry should do the latter.

Going public would give it a chance to get itself out of the limelight. It would allow it to restructure and, more importantly, make the drastic decisions needed to turn its brand around without the restricting accountability to shareholders.

This effort will take more time than quarterly earnings allow for. The Blackberry brand needs a strategic focus and the time to see that strategy out.