It’s rare that I’d applaud the marketing of one of the large house of brands in consumer goods. Having done work for Proctor & Gamble, I know they usually market product benefits – taste or effectiveness, depending on the product – and take market leadership by greatly outspending the competition.

But I’ve got to hand it to Kraft and its new advertising campaign, “Are You Miracle Whip?” The campaign features a mixture of “real” people and celebrities (such as James Carville and one of the cast members of Jersey Shore) saying whether they hate or love Miracle Whip.

The trick is that about half of them say they hate Miracle Whip, which is hitting what we all know about the brand head on: You either hate it or you love it. (I’m a hater.) That issue has always been lurking in the background with that brand and now Kraft has brought it to the forefront.

The reason it works is because the ads are not about the product but about you, the consumer. Readers of this blog know that has been one of the mantras here at Stealing Share. Product benefits don’t move the needle, which is why some of the most successful brands (Apple, Nike, etc.) never market product benefits. Being able to see yourself in the brand increases market share because it’s about you and how can you deny yourself?

Think of it this way: Even if you hate Miracle Whip, you see yourself in the brand in the same aspirational way that those who love it do. Your choice has been affirmed and the other choice doesn’t look so bad either. Even I might give Miracle Whip another shot.